Is there a legitimate way of getting free PayPal money instantly? Well, that depends on how much of your time you’re willing to contribute.

The methods in this post are so easy and some require such little effort, it’s the closest you’ll get to earning completely free PayPal money.

You can get free PayPal money instantly by doing simple things like downloading an app, watching ads, uploading your receipts, doing surveys or just by doing your regular online shopping. You can even get paid to walk!

Some sites like Rakuten or PrizeRebel pay you a welcome or sign-up bonus just for joining and it can be quite high when there are promotions.

This is an easy way of getting free PayPal money instantly, as once you’ve signed up and completed a couple of surveys, you’ll likely hit the cash-out amount really fast.

In this post, we’re going to cover the easiest ways to earn free PayPal money instantly, with minimal work involved.


So, first of all, if you haven’t used PayPal before, here’s a quick overview of it:

PayPal is a fast, easy, user-friendly payment service used to send and receive payments, through an online payment platform that is secure and used by most countries around the world.

PayPal makes it easy to buy or sell things, get paid or transfer money using a secure internet account.

It’s easy to get started, so go and sign up for a free PayPal account now. Then come back here, so we can go through all the ways to earn you some free Paypal money instantly.

So with minimal effort, here are the best ways to get free PayPal money instantly.


Take Online Surveys to Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly


Signing up and taking surveys on the websites we recommend below is the closest thing to being able to get free PayPal money instantly.

Ultimately, it’s free money for simply answering a few questions. As soon as you complete the surveys, your earnings are locked in and your points balance increases.

Then when you hit the cash-out amount threshold – the money is all yours, straight into your PayPal account.

Some survey sites even pay you a generous sign-up or welcome bonus instantly so you can get a head-start on earning PayPal cash fast.

Of course, actual free money doesn’t exist, we all know you have to earn money. But these options get you free PayPal money for making very little effort.

In fact, some of these options are so easy, you don’t even have to leave your house, or couch to do them.

Make free PayPal money instantly without leaving your couch


1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a well-known and popular rewards and cashback site, packed full of easy ways to earn cash. It’s a huge site and you can earn PayPal cash from doing things like watching videos, completing surveys, browsing the internet or playing games.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll earn Swagbucks (or SB’s) which you can then redeem for PayPal cash or for gift cards to spend at huge retailers such as, Amazon, Target, Visa or Starbucks.

If you go and sign up with Swagbucks now, they’ll give you a generous $5 welcome bonus immediately – a huge head-start to getting your first free PayPal money payout.

Make sure you create your Swagbucks account with the same name and details as your PayPal account, so there’s no delay in getting your PayPal money. Also, make sure your PayPal account is verified.


Go to Swagbucks




2. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is a popular survey site where you complete surveys and earn PayPal cash or gift cards. What makes PrizeRebel such an awesome survey site, is how fast you can sign up and start earning with them.

Signing up on PrizeRebel is so easy and fast and once you’re done, you can start completing surveys immediately. I earned enough points to get my first $5 PayPal money payout in just a couple of hours after signing up with PrizeRebel.


Free PayPal money instantly simply by completing a few surveys.


Once you’ve hit the payout threshold amount, (which can be as low as $2 for gift cards or $5 for PayPal money) your cash rewards are paid to you pretty fast with most members receiving it within 24 hours.

And if you work your way up to become a Gold member with PrizeRebel, you can receive your reward in just 10 minutes.


Go to PrizeRebel 




Download these Apps to get Free PayPal Money Instantly



3. Dosh app – for Free PayPal Money Instantly


Do you want to earn free PayPal money instantly with very little effort – maybe even no effort? If Swagbucks and PrizeRebel sound like too much hard work and you want a completely passive income app, you need to try Dosh.


All you have to do is link all your debit cards and credit cards to the Dosh app and then just use your cards like normal.

Yep – it’s that easy. When you use your cards to pay for something at participating stores and restaurants, you get cashback – up to 10% in some cases.

This is then automatically deposited into your Dosh wallet and then you can transfer that cash into your PayPal account. That’s it. Easy as.

That’s got to be one of the easiest ways to earn free PayPal money instantly.


Download the Dosh app




4. ScreenLift app – Free PayPal Money for doing nothing!


ScreenLift is another passive-income app, which displays ads and links on top of the lock screen of your smartphone. You basically install the ScreenLift app, customise your first screen with what you’d like to see and then all you do, is continue unlocking and using your phone like normal.

A little extra can be earned by interacting with the ads on your lock screen or by doing surveys.

It won’t make you rich, but it’s a great way to earn a few extra bucks per year and get free PayPal money for doing absolutely nothing.

You can choose from various themes such as the news. You don’t even need to engage the feature to earn the money and it doesn’t affect your battery life. Talk about a sweet deal!


Go to Screenlift





5. Receipt Hog


Turn your everyday receipts into cash with Receipt Hog.

Download the free Receipt Hog mobile app, snap photos of your receipts, earn coins or spin rewards and redeem them for PayPal cash.



Coins convert to cash and when you’ve collected enough coins, you can redeem them for free PayPal money.

You can use your receipts from all kinds of popular retailers.

Retailer types include Grocery stores, Supermarkets, Supercenter, Cash & Carry, Chemists, Liquor Stores, Pet Supply, Toy Stores, Newsagents, Bargain Shops and heaps more.


Go to Receipt Hog





Other Ways to get Free PayPal Money Instantly



6. PayPal Refer a Friend


You should have a PayPal account by now, it’s simple and free to get one. But if you’ve read this far and still haven’t got one – go get one now!

You’ll need one to receive all your free PayPal money that you make online. Plus you can use it to make payments when you do online shopping.

If you refer a friend to PayPal, you’ll get money for each one you refer who opens a PayPal account. And right now, PayPal is offering $5 to every person who downloads their app for the first time.

That’s free PayPal money from PayPal themselves!


Go to PayPal




7. Decluttr your Life for Free PayPal Money


With Decluttr you can easily sell your unwanted items for cash.

You can sell your old or unwanted tech, media, electronics, books, phones and even Lego. You simply select the make and model of your phone or tech device and they’ll give you a free valuation.

If you have books or DVD’s to sell, simply use the Decluttr app. It turns your smartphone’s camera into a barcode scanner, so you can find out yourself how much you’ll get.

After you’ve ordered, you’ll be emailed a shipping label from Decluttr, then pack your items in a box and drop them off at one of their shipping locations – shipping is free.

When they receive it, you’ll receive payment by direct deposit or by PayPal a few days later. Make sure you’re honest about the condition of your items, as they will be checked when they arrive.

Ultimately, it’s a perfect way to earn free PayPal money fast, as everyone’s got something lying around they don’t want.


Go to Decluttr





8. Paribus for Free PayPal Money back


You know that ‘Whaaat?!” moment when that item you’ve just bought full-price goes on sale.

Paribus gets you money back when prices drop on something you’ve already bought.

Sign up for Paribus and it will track for price changes at 25 of the largest online retailers, scan your emails for online receipts from things you’ve purchased and help you get the difference refunded.


And Paribus is completely free for consumers, with no hidden fees. They describe themselves as price adjustment gurus and advocates of protection for customers.

That’s pretty much free PayPal money back on things you’ve already paid for.


Go to Paribus




9. Shopkick


Shopkick is another GPT (Get Paid to Shop) app that rewards you for shopping online, in-store and for other shopping-related tasks.

You earn reward points which they call ‘kicks’ and then you convert your kicks into free PayPal money. Or you can redeem your kicks for digital gift cards such as Amazon, Target, Starbucks and Groupon.

Ultimately, the goal of the app is for you to buy things from the partner stores and Shopkick gathers consumer data. This is the way you’ll earn significantly more points or kicks, however, there is no obligation to buy anything.

Download the app, set up your profile and make sure you turn on your notifications and Bluetooth, so you never miss a deal.  Then go to your ‘Earn’ tab and see what’s available today near you.

Walk into a store – some stores give you kicks just for walking through the door. You’ll also get kicks for scanning products, uploading receipts for products you’ve bought and for linking your credit cards to the app.

However, if you’re too lazy to go out and shop, you can still earn kicks from Shopkick without leaving your couch. Watch videos, find prizes under the ‘Discover’ tab, make online purchases and invite your friends (you earn free kicks when they download and start using the app).

Keep the app updated and open the app at least once a week as products change fast and kick amounts often increase.


Go to ShopKick 




10. GigWalk


GigWalk pays users to complete small tasks for retailers. Tasks can include checking a product is correctly displayed or priced or taking a photo of a product for verification and entering some information about it.

You have control over your work schedule, work, work when and where you want to and as much or as little as you want to.

You can pick just the gigs that interest you and choose from gigs that take anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours. It’s user-friendly and your mobile and the GigWalk app is all you need to make money.

GigWalk links to PayPal so once you’ve completed a job and it’s been approved, you get paid directly into your PayPal account (typically within 24 hours).


Go to GigWalk





11. HealthyWage App


HealthyWage is a rewards weight-loss app that uses cash prizes to make weight-loss and fitness more fun and engaging.

When you sign-up the HealthyWager will let you make a personalised bet on your own weight-loss. Tell the app how much you want to lose, how much time you can lose it in and how much you’re willing to bet.

Then HealthyWage’s prize calculator will work out how much you’ll win if you hit your weight-loss target. There’s no commitment, you can play with the prize calculator all you like without spending anything.

You can do an individual weight-loss bet just for yourself, or you can take part in a Team Challenge. HealthyWage pays out fast via PayPal or by check.



HealthyWage is an incredibly popular app for weight loss and has been featured almost everywhere you read or watch.

Including Forbes, Woman’s Day, Shape, NBC, ABC, Today, NPR, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The New York Times and TIME Magazine.


Go to HealthyWage 




12. Achievement App


Achievement is the app that pays you to be healthy. The Achievement app gives users reward points for linking other health-related apps to it, such as MapMyWalk, Strava, AppleHealth, MapMyFitness or FitnessPal.

Every time you log a healthy activity like cycling, making healthy food, meditation sessions, going for a walk or run, post a health-related tweet – or any healthy activity that can be tracked by an app – you’ll earn reward points from the Achievement app.

The minimum amount to cash out is $10, and you can be paid via PayPal or by digital gift cards.


Download the Achievement app 




What is the Ultimate Fastest Way to Get Free PayPal Money?


We get asked this all the time.  This post focuses on ways to get free PayPal money instantly, so all of the options in this post will provide you with ways to earn PayPal money fast.

But for the ultimate fastest way to get free PayPal money, my advice would be to sign up to PrizeRebel and Survey Junkie if you need money now. These guys offer you sign-up bonuses when you join too, so you get free points just for joining.

Then you’re on your way, start filling out surveys and in a few hours, you will have earned enough points for your first PayPal money payout. Promise!

Rakuten is also an excellent cashback app that pays up to 40% cashback on your online shopping. So, if you do any shopping online, sign-up to Rakuten and you’ll earn free PayPal money on the things you were going to buy anyway.

Plus, when you refer your friends to Rakuten and they join and spend $20, you’ll get $20 bucks cashback too. It’s a no-brainer.


Your Friendly, Neighbourhood Work Online Slayer 🙂



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