There are so many ways to make money online these days and by doing the simplest online tasks, anyone can earn PayPal money fast.

You can take online surveys, do user testing, earn cashback on your online shopping, rent your car out and even do some easy freelance tasks to earn PayPal cash fast and easily.

In this post, you’ll learn the best ways to earn PayPal money fast and quickly increase your PayPal account balance.

There are lots of shopping apps and survey sites where you can earn PayPal cash easily, but in this post, we’re only covering the best ones that earn you PayPal money FAST and consistently – so that you can keep on earning PayPal cash regularly as a side hustle.


earn Paypal money fast earn Paypal cash fast free Paypal money instantly


So, first of all, if you haven’t used PayPal before, here’s a super quick overview of it:

PayPal is a fast, simple, user-friendly service to send and receive payments, through an online payment platform that is safe, secure and widely used by most countries around the world.
Paypal makes it easy to buy or sell things, get paid or transfer money using a secure internet account.

It’s easy to get started, so go and sign up for a free PayPal money account now. And meet me back here, so we can go through all the ways to earn you some fast cash.

It will take a little work but if you start doing some – or ideally – many of these suggestions, you’ll soon start to earn yourself some cash fairly fast. The more time you put in, the more free PayPal money you’ll make.

The only other things you need to succeed are a smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet and an internet connection. So with minimal effort, here are the best ways to earn PayPal money fast.



Legit Ways to

Earn PayPal Money Fast


Earn free PayPal money without leaving your couch.


Take Online Surveys to Earn Free PayPal money


Signing up and taking surveys on the websites we recommend below is the closest thing to being able to get free PayPal money instantly. Of course, actual free money doesn’t exist, you have to earn money.

But these options are free PayPal money for making very little effort. In fact, some of these options are so easy, you don’t even have to leave your house, or couch to do them.


1. Swagbucks 


Swagbucks is one of the best go-to sites for getting PayPal money fast.

There are lots of ways to earn PayPal cash fast on Swagbucks, from taking surveys, watching videos, playing games to simple web browsing. Most tasks can be done easily alongside your other daily life tasks.

You’ll get free PayPal money instantly just by signing up to Swagbucks and verifying your email address. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a sweet Swagbucks $5 welcome bonus.

A quick look at what my Swagbucks Dashboard looks like.


Ways to Earn PayPal Money Fast with Swagbucks


Make it a daily thing to log into Swagbucks and check your dashboard for what you can do that day to earn money.

You can earn PayPal money fast by doing the surveys that pop up every day, watching videos or by playing the games – all in your dashboard when you log in.

You get paid in Swagbucks or SB’s which you’ll see steadily building up and these SB’s convert straight into PayPal cash. 

  • Just signing up – get the sign-up welcome bonus
  • Doing internet searches on the platform
  • Taking surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Refer friends & family to earn more SB’s



Swagbucks Tips 


  • Get the app for easy navigating of your dashboard and simple layout
  • Have the videos on autoplay in the background so you can multi-task
  • You’ll get extra Swagbucks on your birthday
  • Refer all your friends to sign up and tell them to get the app – you’ll earn more if they do


Swagbucks Minimum Withdrawal or Payout Amount


No minimum withdrawal amount. Gift Cards start at around $3 which is 300 SB’s. PayPal deposits have set amounts starting at $5.
Just make sure your PayPal account has the same email address as your Swagbucks account, or you might have problems receiving your money.


How Fast You Get Paid


Once your account is verified – which can take 1-10 days – it’ll take around 2 days to receive payment.


Go to Swagbucks Now




2. Survey Junkie


For easy surveys with decent rewards, Survey Junkie is another popular online survey website for earning PayPal cash fast. Surveys can be taken anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Take surveys, earn points then redeem them for free PayPal cash or e-Giftcards. It literally is that easy, anyone can earn cash this way.

After you sign up and create your profile, Survey Junkie will match you to surveys that will be most interesting and relevant to you. Share your opinion on brands you care about and you’ll help shape products and services that actually mean something to you. And get paid for it!

Complete the surveys and you’ll earn virtual points which you can then redeem for PayPal money, or for e-Giftcards to use at places like Amazon or Target. 

It’s easy to see which surveys are available and you’ll even see the time it’ll take you to complete and how much the reward is. If you’re short on time, just do a few of the 5-10 min surveys for 100 points whenever you can and the money will soon build up.

The longer surveys that pay out more points usually take around 45-50 mins to complete.

Earn PayPal money fast by doing surveys on Survey Junkie – you can start as soon as you sign up.



Ways to Earn PayPal Money Fast with Survey Junkie


  • For signing up – get 25 points just for signing up 
  • Complete your profile – get another 50 points just for filling in your profile
  • Taking surveys
  • Fill out the extra personal interests profiles too, to get higher-paying surveys
  • Download the Survey Junkie app and unlock location-based surveys


Survey Junkie Tips 


  • Log in regularly to check for surveys. Survey Junkie has a large community and so checking for surveys often means you’ll get the highest-paying ones
  • The surveys with the green symbol on them, are surveys you’re most likely to qualify for
  • Refer all your friends to sign up using your referral link

You really can earn PayPal cash fast with Survey Junkie, it’s one of the best survey sites (if not THE best for wide-ranging options to earn).

You’ll get 75 points for just signing up and filling in your profile – which only takes 5 mins, I promise –  so there’s nothing to lose and plenty of cash to gain.


Survey Junkie Minimum Withdrawal or Payout Amount


The minimum payout is 500 points which are equal to $5 in cash value.


How Fast You Get Paid


Survey Junkie allows you to instantly redeem your points for cash, once you hit the minimum payout of 500 points. This makes it one of the best options for earning PayPal cash fast.

And the payment is pretty much instant with Survey Junkie, which can be paid by PayPal deposit or e-Gift cards.

Remember your Paypal account must be fully verified to receive payment from Survey Junkie.


Sign up to Survey Junkie now





3. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is my favourite survey website where you complete paid online surveys, earn points and redeem them for cash rewards or gift cards. Redeem your points for PayPal cash or gift cards for your favourite brands like Amazon, eBay and many others.

Signing up takes less than a minute and you can start completing surveys and start earning straight away. The survey rewards are high and the points rack up fast, so every two days I cash out or get a gift card.

Check in daily to the ‘Your Surveys’ section on your PrizeRebel dashboard to see all your surveys. You can even sort your surveys by the time required, so you can just do the shorter surveys if you don’t have much time.

Look out for limited high-point surveys to grow your balance faster. 

PrizeRebel has a tier system where you can work your way up 5 tiers from Bronze to Diamond, gaining higher bonuses on the site as you do. This is done by consistently being active on the site. 



Ways to Earn PayPal Money Fast with PrizeRebel


On PrizeRebel the main way you can earn PayPal money fast is by doing the daily surveys that you’ll find in the ‘Your Surveys’ section of the ‘Earn’ tab.

Other ways to earn:

  • Take all the surveys available to you in Your Surveys
  • Do the Daily Survey multiple times
  • Complete activities on the OfferWall to earn extra points, (accept cookies & turn off any ad-block)
  • Watch videos in ‘Earn’ to gain extra points (turn off any ad-block & turn off any VPN so you’ll get credited)


PrizeRebel Tips 


  • Check daily (or regularly) for surveys (Monday – Friday is best for a good range)
  • Look out for limited-time surveys that pop up often
  • Do the Daily Survey – this survey can be done 5 times every 12 hours to gain extra points
  • For the best surveys, check out the Gold Surveys section
  • Find promo codes on their Facebook page
  • Join the PrizeRebel referral program, refer people and earn 15-30% on all of their lifetime earnings – one of the most generous survey referral programs.


You can earn PayPal money fast but look at all those gift card rewards you could get too!


PrizeRebel Minimum Withdrawal or Payout Amount


The minimum payout ranges from 200 – 500 points.

500 points will get you $5 PayPal Cash or just 200 points will get you a $2 gift card. And 385 points will get you a $5 gift card that you can spend at many retailers available in your country (not just US retailers).

Here’s why we think PrizeRebel is one of the best ways to earn free PayPal cash instantly.

As far as we know, 200 points are the lowest payout threshold of any of the survey sites, and earning PayPal cash fast and getting it now, is much more valuable than waiting for thousands of points to build up.


How Fast You Get Paid


Once redeemed, most users will receive their reward within 24 hours. If you’re special and skilled enough to have reached the status of a Gold member or above, you’ll get your reward within around 10 minutes.


Go to PrizeRebel now




Use Cash Back Shopping Apps to Earn PayPal Cash Fast



4. Rakuten


Rakuten (formally called Ebates) is a Get Paid To Shop app that gets you cashback on your online shopping. You shop online as usual at your favourite online stores and Rakuten will give you cashback rewards.

So, if you were going to do any grocery shopping, or shop for clothes or order things for your kids online, Rakuten will give you cash back on those items – every time you buy them. No catch.

You can watch this cashback grow and then get it paid to you via PayPal or cheque.

The easiest way to do this is to go install Rakuten’s browser extension ‘Cash Back Button’ which makes it much easier to catch all the deals.

Once you’ve done this, start doing your shopping online and the Rakuten browser extension will notify you when there is any cashback available or discount coupons you can use.  When the notification alerts you, click yes and you’ll get coupons and cashback in just 1 click.

Using their button also saves you from having to go to the Rakuten website every time you want to shop.

Rakuten has a solid reputation, some of the best cashback rates out there and a hassle-free payout process.


Earn PayPal cash fast by doing your regular online shopping.



Ways to Earn PayPal Money Fast with Rakuten


  • For signing up – get a $10 welcome bonus once you’ve spent $25
  • Do your online shopping, as usual, earning Cash Back as you go
  • Use our link to sign up to Rakuten and get a sweet welcome bonus


Rakuten Tips 


  • Install the Rakuten Cash Back Button browser extension and let it do the work for you
  • You can also add the Honey browser extension which will work alongside your Rakuten cashback 



Rakuten Minimum Withdrawal or Payout Amount


Rakuten’s minimum payout is $5. If your amount hasn’t quite hit $5 yet, it’ll roll over to the next payout period.


How Fast You Get Paid


Rakuten payout every quarterly period, so if you’ve built up $5 or more, you’ll be paid directly to your PayPal account or you’ll receive a cheque. 


Go to Rakuten now




5. Ibotta


Ibotta is another GPT – Get Paid To Shop – an app where you can earn cashback on your in-store purchases or online shopping.

Using Ibotta is like clipping coupons, except they’re digital coupons. And instead of getting the money off at the checkout, you get the cashback sent to your Ibotta account. Which you can then transfer into your PayPal account. 

You can receive cashback at your local grocery stores and also at Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Amazon, eBay, Ulta, Petco and lots more.

The average Ibotta user earns around $150 cashback a year on groceries & online purchases – just for buying things you usually buy. There are lots of offers for everyday grocery items that can be used on any brand at any grocery store.

To use Ibotta, you simply:

  • Browse the Ibotta app for stores or offers you’re interested in before you go out shopping
  • Select the offers you want and when you’ve bought them
  • Simply upload your receipt to the Ibotta app

The cashback will then appear in your Ibotta account.

Download both the browser extension and the Ibotta app to start earning easy PayPal money straightaway. 



Ways to earn PayPal money fast with Ibotta


You can earn PayPal money fast by using the Ibotta app and doing all your usual in-store and online shopping.


Ibotta Tips 


  • Get the Ibotta app – you’ll need it to select offers and upload your receipts to get cashback
  • You can link your loyalty cards to the Ibotta app
  • You can also stack with physical coupons for a specific store if you have any
  • Once you’ve signed up you can start earning straight away – find and use any receipts for purchases you’ve made in the last 7 days


Ibotta Minimum Withdrawal or Payout Amount


Once you’ve built up $20 in your account, you can redeem it for PayPal money or for gift cards.


How Fast You Get Paid


Ibotta allows you to instantly redeem your points for cash, once you hit the minimum payout of $20.


Go to Ibotta now




6. Swagbucks


Yes, it’s Swagbucks again. 

Just a quick little extra mention as Swagbucks can also be used as a GPT – a Get Paid To Shop app too.

Download the Swagbucks browser extension ‘SwagButton’ here or below and it’ll alert you every time you go on a website that you can earn SB’s on. 

So, whilst you’re shopping for things you’d usually buy anyway, just by having the Swagbucks extension, you’ll be earning free PayPal money, whilst you shop.

Then those SwagBucks can be redeemed for free PayPal cash.


Download the SwagButton here


Earn PayPal cash fast by just doing your regular online shopping.



7. Download Dosh – for actual Free PayPal Money


Do you want to earn free PayPal money fast with no effort? If all of the above sounds like too much hard work and you want a completely passive income app, you should try Dosh.

All you do is link all your debit and credit cards to the Dosh app and then just buy things and use your cards like normal. 

It’s that easy. When you use your cards to pay for something at participating stores and restaurants, you get cashback – up to 10%.

Then the cashback gets deposited into your Dosh wallet and you can transfer that cash straight into your PayPal account. Easy.

That’s literally one of the easiest ways to earn free PayPal money fast.


Download the Dosh app now




Micro Task or Micro Job Websites to Earn PayPal Money


You may have heard of microtask websites, on these platforms you sign-up as a worker and you perform temporary, small-task type jobs that are booked (and often performed) online or remotely.

Types of work may include online tasks such as content writing, answering surveys, online interviews, website or graphic design or, in-person tasks such as dog-walking, gardening, or handyman jobs.

There are a few microtask or micro job websites out there such as:

The most well-known micro job site is Amazon Mechanical Turk.


8. Amazon Mechanical Turk


Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that hires ‘crowd workers’ to perform low-skill, on-demand microtasks. It’s a way for companies to quickly and affordably outsource small virtual tasks that require human intelligence to do them, rather than a computer.

Tasks are called ‘HITs’ or human intelligence tasks. Short tasks or HITs are posted by people called ‘Requesters’ and remotely located ‘Crowd Workers’ are paid a small fee per task to complete them. 

The tasks that pay the most and take the least amount of time are snapped up quickly, so it pays to be regularly active on the MTurk site.

You can be paid and redeem in cash or in Amazon gift cards.

You don’t need any skills or experience to complete the tasks. The range of tasks is vast so you could be doing anything such as identifying pictures, data entry, reading reviews, answering survey questions, or filling out questionnaires.

Most tasks are quite low in pay so it isn’t the best or most sustainable way of earning a side income, but it is a little extra cash.

And due to the competitiveness of crowd workers on MTurk, until you build up your profile on the platform, you may have to invest a lot of time doing lower-paid tasks. A lot of your time can be spent searching for tasks, rather than doing them.

On the plus side, when you do build your profile up and have completed a certain number of HITs, you can access the higher-paying tasks. So, keep this in mind when you sign up.

It’s flexible work so you can be on it all day if you want to, or simply jump on for a few minutes (if that’s all you have) and earn a few extra bucks on your break.


Go to Amazon Mechanical Turk




Here are some other ways to Earn PayPal Money Fast:



9. Rover


If you love dogs, you can earn money by walking dogs on Rover. You can offer multiple pet services such as dog walking, doggy daycare or house sitting but you can earn PayPal cash faster by offering to board dogs overnight in your home. 

There are lots of members who can walk and feed dogs, but having the ability to keep and care for dogs overnight in your own home – not theirs – is what will give you the advantage.


Sign up to Rover now


Earn PayPal money fast for walking Dogs!



10. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is owned by and looks similar to the company that owns Swagbucks. Though, the InboxDollars website is much more user-friendly and simpler to find your way around than the huge Swagbucks site.

In the same way as Swagbucks, you can play web-based games, take surveys and watch videos to earn points. Points can then be redeemed for PayPal cash. 

Your payout amount is shown in cash not points, so you know exactly how much you’ll receive. However, you’ll need to accumulate a balance of $30 before you can redeem it for cash.


Join Inbox Dollars now




11. UserTesting


With UserTesting you can earn PayPal money by testing websites and apps which developers or companies are trying to create or improve on.

You’ll click through their website and answer questions based on what they need feedback on. You do this by having your screen and voice recorded and you’re asked to ‘think out loud’, whilst you navigate their site.

This is so they can understand how a customer uses their website or app and engages with it. It helps them see where they can improve on a feature or make something easier to navigate.

Each test is around 20 mins long and it’s $10 per test. You get paid exactly 7 days after you take the test and upload it. I have been doing tests with User Testing for years and they’re always professional and pay promptly.


Sign up for User Testing now




12. Decluttr


On Decluttr you can easily sell your unwanted items for cash. You can sell your old tech, media, electronics, or books. Everything from DVDs and CDs to smartphones, tablets and games consoles.

Simply select the make, model and condition of your smartphone or tech device and they’ll give you an instant price.

If you want to sell books or DVD’s, the free Decluttr app is the easiest way to get started. The app turns your smartphone’s camera into a fast barcode scanner, so you can scan your items to find out how much you’ll get.

When you’ve completed your order, Decluttr will email you a shipping label, then grab a box, pack your items securely and drop them off at one of their shipping locations – shipping is free. And all of your items are fully insured during transit.

When they receive it, you’ll receive payment by direct deposit or by PayPal a few days later. 

A great way to earn free PayPal money fast, as everyone’s got something lying around they don’t want anymore.



Go to DeCluttr now





13. PayPal Refer a Friend


You should have a PayPal account by now, it’s free to get one and you’ll need one to receive your free PayPal money that you make online. 

If you refer a friend to PayPal, you’ll get money for each one you refer who opens a PayPal account. And currently, PayPal gives $5 to every person who downloads their app for the first time.


Go to PayPal now




14. Getaround – Rent out your Car


Getaround is an online car-sharing service and is essentially the Airbnb of vehicles. You rent out your car to strangers and they pay to rent your car by the hour, at a rate you choose.

You can charge higher rates if your car is a newer model or has some user-friendly features. You manage your own car’s booking calendar and availability.

You can find, book and unlock a car near you all with the Getaround app on your smart device. There’s no monthly membership fees or subscription and insurance and customer support are included.

The predictive pricing algorithm helps hosts maximise their earning and payments are delivered to hosts monthly.



Go to Getaround now




Want Even More Ways to Earn PayPal Money Fast? Let’s keep going then.





15. Grindabuck


GrindaBuck is an online rewards club. You can get rewarded with Grindabucks for watching videos, giving your opinion on market research surveys, testing products, completing offers, taking part in giveaways, downloading apps, reviewing ads or completing micro-tasks.  

It offers an option to do a little of everything. You can earn PayPal money, or be paid in Bitcoin or gift cards on Grindabuck. 

Join now and you’ll get 100 Grindabucks for free, added to your account instantly. 


Go to Grindabuck now




16. MyPoints


MyPoints is a rewards site that rewards you for answering surveys, shopping at your favourite stores, watching videos, playing games, reading promotional emails and many more tasks whereby you can earn PayPal money fast.

You can get up to 40% cashback from shopping at top retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and Best Buy.

Cash out your MyPoints points anytime for PayPal money or a gift card for your favourite retailer.

Join MyPoints today and get a $10 bonus instantly. 


Go to MyPoints now




17. Prolific Studies


With Prolific, you can take part in engaging research by doing studies sent to you from top universities and companies through external researchers. You could be completing surveys or taking part in studies about scientific research.

When you complete a survey with Prolific you’re guaranteed a payment, rather than being screened and told you’re not eligible halfway through. Which makes a refreshing change from other survey sites or user testing sites.

Prolific’s generous rates make them one of the best-paid options to earn PayPal cash fast and you can cash out straight to your PayPal account as soon as you have earnings.


Go to Prolific now





18. Paribus


Get money back when prices drop on something you’ve bought with Paribus. You know that ‘Noooo?!” moment when that item you’ve just bought at full-price goes on sale.

Paribus tracks for price changes at 25 of the largest online retailers, searches your email for online receipts from things you’ve bought and then helps you get the difference refunded if something has dropped in price.

The way you get paid depends on your original payment method. Paribus is completely free for consumers, with no hidden fees.


Go to Paribus now





Freelancing Websites to Earn PayPal Money



19. Fiverr


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers to sell their services and where anyone can buy those services. Freelancers are from all over the world and there’s a huge range of skill-sets

Fiverr streamlines the process of getting hired as a freelancer and it’s great for beginners as there are low-entry barriers to setting up your services. All you need is a skill that people are willing to pay for and a few minutes to join Fiverr and set up your Gig.

Gig: A service offered on Fiverr’s website. Gig example: “I will write you a 500-word blog post article for $10”

Sellers – the freelancers who offer their services –  create Gigs, which can be any digital service they want to offer such as website design, graphic design, WordPress services, SEO support, writing services, blog writing, T-shirt design, custom illustrations, video animation and hundreds more. 

Originally, most freelance services were priced at $5 when the site initially launched, however now freelancers are able to price their services to whatever they want and can offer Gig package deals.

Once a buyer decides to buy your order their money is taken from their account and put on hold for you until you complete the order. Sellers keep 80% of what they earn on each gig they successfully sell and deliver.



Go to Fiverr now




2o. Airtasker


Airtasker is an online open marketplace and community platform that connects people who want to earn money completing tasks and people who want to outsource tasks. 

Jobs get listed by ‘Posters’ who describe their task and set their budget and ‘Taskers’ make offers on the jobs if they match their skill-set.

They could be odd jobs locally in your area or jobs that are done online or remotely. 

You’ll find all kinds of jobs listed such as home cleaning, handyman tasks, admin work, photography, graphic design, website building, gardening, or dog walking.

It’s really easy to set up a profile and get started making offers on jobs. And Airtasker supports task contracts between members so your payment is always protected.

We’ve used Airtasker many times to earn extra cash, especially when we’ve lived in the bigger cities. Airtasker is only currently available in Australia.


Go to Airtasker now





21. Task Rabbit


Task Rabbit is similar to Airtasker in that it is an online open marketplace and community platform. It’s also much more popular in the US and is available in Europe too.

Task Rabbit describes itself as a same-day service platform that instantly connects people who need tasks or errands completed, with skilled taskers.

Clients post tasks and they then search the Taskers profiles based on their skills and experience. There are 50+ categories that Taskers can offer their own services in. These include Delivery, Errands, Moving Help, Office Admin, Packing & Unpacking, Cleaning, Event Staffing or Home Repairs.

Task Rabbit has been featured in Refinery29, New York Times, Marie Claire, Brit & Co and Apartment Therapy.


Go to Task Rabbit now





22. Start a FB Side Hustle by running Facebook Ads


If you like the idea of freelancing but want to take it a little further, check out the guys over at Laptop Empires – Bobby and Mike – who teach people how to start and run an online side hustle with no experience.

Their Facebook Side Hustle Course is so popular there’s often a waitlist to join. The course teaches you step-by-step how to run Facebook ads for local businesses. Business owners need people who can run their ad campaigns and bring them new customers, so they look for people to hire to perform this service for them.

 It’s one of the most affordable courses in the industry, and you can get it done in a few days. 


Go to Laptop Empires now



That concludes our post on Legit Ways to Earn PayPal Money Fast. We hope you discovered a few new ways to earn some extra cash.

If you need money right now check out this post for ways to get free PayPal money instantly.


Your Friendly, Neighbourhood Work Online Slayer 🙂 




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