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Here you will find everything you need to know about working online, making money online, creating side hustles, freelance life, remote work, location independence, work from home jobs or digital nomad life.

Fuelled by coffee and sass.

Hey there, I’m The Work Online Slayer

Looking for ways to make money online?

Working online, working from home jobs, running a blog, working remotely, living the digital nomad life or creating a side hustle?

You’re in the right place.

We’ve been working & making money online, running side hustles and working remotely (which is mostly because we move a lot) for over 10 years.

Our knowledge and experience are immense and so we became The Slayer of Working Online.

We write about ONLY legitimate and realistic money-making opportunities and side hustles.

And most of them we have tried or reviewed ourselves, so we can give you an honest overview.

There are so many ways to make money online, but not everything is for everyone, right?

So explore the blog and discover your niche, find your thing or just learn new things. 

We write helpful content delving into all areas of working online so that you can find the ‘work online life’ that suits you and your skills.

And create more of a freedom lifestyle.

Oh, and so you can make a bunch of money too.

FYI: You’ll notice dogs are an ongoing theme here.

This is simply because we think dogs are awesome (after years of pet sitting around the world) and they add a touch of fun to an otherwise inanimate, tech-driven online world.

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Anywhere in the World

One day, I hope to visit

A Deserted Beach to Play Frisbee

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Favorite flavour of ice cream

Did someone say ice cream?

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